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Crest - Edmundston Police Force

The Edmundston Police Force provides quality services by ensuring its staff’s professional development, keeping abreast of technological development and, when necessary, building partnerships with other stakeholders.The professionalism of its staff can be recognized through its integrity, honesty, respect, accountability and responsiveness to the public. Our officers are actively involved in the community and are tuned in to local problems.

The City of Edmundston’s 9-1-1 Centre receives emergency calls from many communities in the area. These calls are acted on quickly and efficiently to insure the necessary emergency response, as well as to support the coordination of all who are involved during a specific emergency.


  • Offering quality services by cooperating with the entire community;
  • Insuring proper training to its personnel;
  • Using all available technologies.


Keep the peace by fostering prevention and ensuring a safe quality of life for all citizens.

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    • Dog tags (see By-Law #10)
    • Accident reports, especially following accidents and asked by insurance companies (cost : $25 +tax - $28.25)
    • Fingerprinting for work or requests for pardon ($50 + tax = $56.50)
    • Registration to the Ride along program *
    • Examination of criminal records** (cost : 25$ + tax = $28.25)

    *This program is an introduction for 12th grade students interested by police- or related sector after high school. This program allows them to spend one or several shifts with a patrol officer to become acquainted with various tasks involved in the policeman occupation.

    **Inquiries relating to criminal records towards vulnerable persons, please fill out this form and send it to the Edmundston Police Department. For any other inquiries relating to criminal records, download this form and bring it to the Edmundston Police Department.

    Love shouldn't hurt

    As part of New Brunswick's Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy, the Love Shouldn't Hurt campaign is educating and informing New Brunswickers about intimate partner violence (IPV) and how we can all play a part in putting an end to this serious issue. The Edmundston Police Force is fully committed toward this initiative and to the promotion of the Love shouldn't hurt program. Intimate Partner Violence can occur in all relationship types (current and former married, common-law and dating relationships, and irrespective of sexual orientation). While the vast majority of victims of IPV are women, and men tend to more commonly be the abusive partner, this behaviour can be directed at male victims by other males or by female abusers as well.


    A specific team strategically patrols a designated area to keep the peace, maintain order and oversee public safety. This team is responsible for the application of provincial legislation, municipal By-laws and regulations according to designated terms and conditions. This team works on preventing crime, acts on accident scenes, and responds, according to reasonable timeframe, to requests for assistance from a citizen.

    For more information regarding violations/paying fines, you can contact Service New Brunswick.

    Criminal Identification

    This team is responsible for crime scene examination and and investigation. They analyses are done in a labratory by using fingerprints, by collecting any other clue, and by photographing the scene to help solve the crime.

    Court Liaison

    Court Liaison oversees all criminal and penal records presented to the Courts by the Police Force. This team takes care of all necessary administrative follow-up procedures throughout the legal proceedings, by insuring permanent communication between different parties involved and by informing police officers for maximum efficiency in all cases. For more information regarding pardons, click here.


    This section starts or pursues criminal investigations by collecting evidence, by searching for the culprits and by getting them before the courts to keep our community safe from crime.

    Street Level Crimes

    The Street Crime/Drug Enforcement Officer works on operational plans to identify and protect victims and/or potential victims and/goods. The Officer is responsible for physical surveillance which will support the investigation and aims at confirming facts and illicit activities.

    911 Communication Centre

    A team is in place to insure efficient call dispatch and appropriate communication. This team treats all calls discretely and confidently, prepares different reports and maintains operating statistics. This service is offered to the Edmundston and Grand-Falls Police Departments, and all North-western New Brunswick Fire Departments.

    Community Relations

    This officer oversees special events and community-related programs for youth (bike safety, Hallowe’en, babysitting classes, drug and alcohol, intimidation); the elderly (telephone fraud, grow old safely); boat safety, cyclists, snowmobilers and drivers (drinking and driving, in cooperation with local driving schools). This work is made possible by being present in the community, including schools, to insure better safety and to prevent crime.

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